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Rubber Molded Parts – Advantages of Compression Molding (HTV) vs. Injection Molding (LSR)

Today it’s not only Keypads and Gaskets that can be produced by Compression Tooling. The diversity of products manufactured fromRubber Molded Parts created from Compression Tooling has exploded exponentially over the last 2-3 years.

Today new tooling technologies enable the production of complex three-dimensional components which could previously only be realized by Liquid Injection Molding on a good day and a bit of luck.

Today we have proven that we can evenmanufacture formed components with hollow sections and multiaxles on an Industrially acceptable scale (Example Valve &Mechanic Connectors).

In the same period the initial costs of Tooling has dropped by more than 50% when compared to cost of Liquid Injection Methodologies.

Today we no longer have the need to compromise on precision and durability.

Tolerances in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3302-1 M1 can be readily achieved.

Raw materials with hardness ranges from 30° to 80° Shore are being processed,colors and effects ranging from fully transparent to completely opaque are becoming everyday realities.

Today it is even possible to combine colour and effect combinations.

Even the temperature resilience of the processed HTV silicones we use today have improved dramatically permitting their prolonged use in operating temperaturesin the range from -30°C to +120°C.

Surface treatments and decoration such as painting, printing or laser etching with abrasion resistance offer possibilities for easy product individualization.

Today we can even go a step further … we have techniques that permit the durable combination of Co-Molding Hybrids where we combinesmetal or plastic parts, in a manner where they are inseparable connected during the vulcanization process.

The use of the Compression Molding Technology is an excellent alternative to classic Liquid Injection Molding, for both small and large scale production, where the customized rubber parts need to be produced in the most cost efficient manner.

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