The task of the electronics is to transmit, convert, detect, supervise, protect. electronics are the heart and brain of automation.

The task of Stilo Grafica Group is to satisfy every customer’s need by providing practical solutions for all functions and automated tasks required by our clients, by designing both hardware and software in a fluent and cost-contained manner.

We provide intelligent solutions for standard and custom electronic systems, we collaborate with the customers backing their every need, from the feasibility study to the production stage.

Our technical department is capable of designing custom electronic arrays, personalized for any need.
Thanks to their know-how, acquired in their years-long experience in the field, our hardware and software departments are able to satisfy every kind of request.

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stilografica-automazioneStilo Grafica Group designs and manufactures industrial automation systems based on standard and custom projects, collaborates with the customer all along, from the feasibility study to the development of the prototypes and up to production.

The term automation defines the various technological aspects involved in the management of machines and of industrial processes.

Control systems based on logic circuits or microprocessor-based computers are employe. Usually, the automation systems are employed where repetitive or complex operations are involved.
Although, the are also employed in operations that are risky or require high precision standards, as well as because of, simply, their practicality.

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