Membrane keyboards

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Stilo Grafica Group membrane keyboards are very well suited to the most difficult use conditions.

Their flex circuits, contacts and graphics are made in polyester (PE), completely sealed and resistant to humidity, oxidation and powders.

All materials used in the production of membrane keyboards are produced by Stilo Grafica Group and comply with international quality regulations.

A series of specific and thorough controls are put into place in order to assure reliability of our products and guarantee their duration, especially when employed in hostile and difficult environments.

As always, Stilo Grafica leaves ample space to the imagination of our customers, offering membrane keyboards of any shape, colour, graphics and size.

The possible applications of our keyboards are various, from the industrial sector in general, the automotive industry, machine tools, naval sector, customer and industrial appliances, vending machines, medical, coffee machines and, generally, any electronic equipment.

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Silicone keyboards

Tastiere siliconeStilo Grafica Group silicone keyboards can be provided, according to the clients need, either with or without contacts in conductive rubber to applied, respectively, on rigid printed circuit boards or on polyester membrane.

Silicone keyboards are highly resistant to temperature and time. They are characterized by resistance to deformation when pressure is applied and to chemical agents, are not subject the corrosion and deterioration. They also have an excellent resistance to alkalis, oils and acids.

The silicone keyboard overlay is given by a 3D structure in vulcanized silicone, which can be applied directly on the electronic circuit, be it either rigid or flexible.

The customization of the graphics is achieved by silk-screen printing process, or through the colouring of the material.
The backlight is obtained by using transparent material, printed with multilayer technique and etched with laser in order to obtain icons and pictures.

This technique guarantees quality and duration to the graphics, together with perfect transparency for the LED backlight. Finally, several superficial treatments complete the production process, such as matt, polished or resin coated, depending on the customer needs.

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Capacitive keyboards


Stilo Grafica Group capacitive keyboards can be designed according to customer needs, allowing ample space to the designers with regards to graphical customizations and details in order to devise the best solutions for the specific needs of the customer.

In practice, every project of capacitive keyboard design becomes a custom product, functional and reliable.

Our full expertise is available to our customer. Collaborations are often based on co-design. We entirely develop the touch control system, up to its full realization and industrialization.

The possibility of designing backlit capacitive keyboards is, surely, a solution of great impact in terms of man-machine interface.

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