This technology, used for the production of cases and panels for electronic instrumentation, entails the adoption of different plastic materials (PC/ABS) for the structure, and silicone materials for keys, seals and coverage, molded together to obtain a single body.

The industrializing the production process offers considerable advantages, in particular:
High degree of protection IP X7/X8, design solutions, keys backligh, costs optimization.

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pcapPCAP touch monitors with ultra-slim display and capacitive touch-screen (PCAP), specifically designed for the industrial fields.

The arrays are available in different sizes to be installed in industrial environments. With rounded edges.

Among the technologies used by touch-screen systems today are, in particular, the PCAP capacitive (Projected Capacitive) and the resistive ones.

PCAP technology uses a network of sensors which is able calculate more accurately the position of contact on the screen and is compatible with multi-touch features (up to twelve simultaneous touches) and movement detection.

More and more electronic designs, even in embedded computing, choose the capacitive projected technology, PCAP, to transform the surface of the screen in a state-of-the-art user interface.

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